Monday, July 23, 2007

Open letter to Fox TV

We've been watching your commercials for your fall line up. K-Ville looks particularly compelling. Great cast, great idea to base a cop show in the ruins of post Katrina New Orleans. It looks like the kind of show that would really grab us, become weekly must see TV and water cooler material the next day.

Just based on concept alone, it could easily become one of our favorite shows of the season on any network.

So we will not be watching it.

We're tired of you Fox. We're tired of you dicking us around with the spineless accountant's souls that make you pussy out on new shows after less than a half dozen episodes. Remember Drive? Emmy nominated Drive? We do. Remember Firefly? We'll never forgive you for that one. Remember the literally dozens of other examples of great shows that could have developed healthy audiences with a network that had a little faith, foresight and courage?

When you gutless empty hearted pigs die, your hell will be Nathan Fillion's heaven where he gets to repeatedly jump up and down on your balls with hobnail boots for all of eternity. Right now he could be prepping for the second season of a show where he gets to drive fast cars, punch out bad guys and navigate a suspenseful conspiracy drama. Instead he's going to be the latest househusband trapped on Wisteria Lane, and it's your fault.

You wonder why so many of your new dramas get such small opening audiences? Because nobody. trusts. you. anymore. Why commit to something that you know will be strangled in it's infancy?

Fuck you Fox. We will no longer even give you a chance any more, you belong on Don't Date Him

To the producers of K-Ville and in fact any producers with the slightest hope of creating compelling quality TV that viewers will commit to - pick a different network. Being on Fox is now a net negative in the eyes of your hoped for audience.

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BlueBerry Pick'n said...

Funny, I have an open letter to the CRTC, wondering about why nobody in Canada seems interested in the fraud of calling imported News, well, NEWS when it is so obviously OPINION, rather than fact-based media.

Why hasn't the CRTC investigated imported MEDIA for its "News" content claims?

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