Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alberta Government: Liars or Incompetent?

There really aren't any other options. The government's surplus is consistently, year after year, underreported by billions of dollars. An average of $4.3 billion per year or 20% to 25% per annum. The 2005/2006 fiscal prediction was off by a staggering 35%. Over Forty billion dollars of low-balling over the last decade.

Predictions about program costs, claims of government poverty to avoid sufficiently funding necessary programs and politicized taxes like the Health Premiums, all use the deliberately faulty fiscal predictions as a justification.

This is a massive act of fraud and a display of contempt for the Alberta public.


Anonymous said...

I absolutley agree. I don't see any Alberta advantage... With all this cash floating around, why are we paying $400/year school fees? (When I was in BC, in high school, it was only $50 and $25 was refunded at the end of the year.) And health premniums? Why are our programs so grossly underfunded?

Anonymous said...

Why are our programs so grossly underfunded?

Because people keep voting the Conservatives in decade after decade after decade. Everyone in Alberta knows that the election for provincial power is not at the provincial polls, but at the Conservative candidate riding determinations.

Whoever wins the riding candidacy for the Cons, is in the provincial government. (Aside from a few pesky ridings in Edmonton and Calgary. Emphasis. Few)

Irony had its death rattle when Klein straight faced said the federal Liberals had been in power too long. How long have the Alberta Conservatives been in power?

Who held the reins (or reign) before that? Oh yeah, the SoCreds (who rebirthed themselves as the Reform Alliance Federal Conservatives) and members of which ran off to the more 'liberal' Conservatives to hand them the government.

Talk about a sense of 'the natural governing party' and sense of entitlement.

The only thing surprising about people being surprised at the massive lack of oversight and governance, is they're surprised. Not working in secret much, the provincial Torys. When they're working.

But until people actually care to make a difference at the polls, it's what we have and will have and will have.

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