Monday, July 24, 2006

Conservatives turn on Bush

When both Buchanan and Buckley turn on you, as a Republican President you're in trouble.

Ian Welsh's 7 Types of Conservatives
had already identified both Buchanan's Paleo-Conservative wing and the Libertarians as sometimes represented by Buckley as being off the reservation. Now the two 'intellectual' strains of Conservatism have turned furiously and openly on the Neo-Cons and specifically Bush. In the American media George Will has exorcaited the Neo-Con's public spokesman Bill Kristol and by extension the whole Weekly Standard crowd.

The really depressing thing is that the currently dominant strain in Canadian Conservatism is the Neo-Conservatism that the American Conservatives seem to be finally draining like puss from a wound.


Larry Gambone said...

While the sort of classical liberalism of Pat Buchanan was never strong in Canadian Conservatism, a sort of right-wing social democracy (Red Toryism) was. Where are the Red Tories in Canadian Conservatism today? It is also strange that one of the building blocks of the contemporary CP was Reform, which in certain ways was a populist party. This populism has vanished in the wind and all that is left is pure neoconnery. Why this should be is a good question.

Cliff said...

"Where are the Red Tories in Canadian Conservatism today?"

The Green Party.

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