Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Power of the Stink! The Mysterious part D'oh

Heh. Apparently the vast powers of my tiny little blog can taint a sweet little website that's just minding it's own business. I put my dark whammy on it and never recovered.

The whole sordid story happened in the far distant days of May of 2006, I had uncovered a bit of a mystery surrounding a website called and a blogger on the Blogging Dippers ring who seemed to be a bit to the right of Stephen Harper, much less the average New Democrat. Here's what I discovered and how it all shook out.

Apparently Kelly Konechny has seethed about this for the last few months, and blames the cratering stats of his site on my 'union-hugging' ass. Here he is venting on a rightwing podcast blog:
I also wanted to write and ask a favour of you. I recently started a website ( that gives Canadians, users of this oh so freakin' wonderful system we pay through the ass for, the ability to record their experiences with the system. Good, bad or otherwise I would like to start building a database of recorded experiences so that the grass roots, users of the system, could for once speak to the feds and offer real stories that may help push real change. Ask anyone you know, they will have a story to tell about the use of the system.

The problem I'm having is promoting the site. I have tried promoting in (sic) on blogs only to be smashed down by some union hugging dude who accused me of working on behalf of Preston Manning! Read on.

Anyhow this guy has put the stink on the site and we have been getting nothing, which is serving his union, public loving medicare (sic?) ass just fine. I'm asking you for a mention, that's all. If you could mention the site the next time you start into a medicare chat it would rock.

The second thing I wanted to ask was could you start doing two shows a week ; )

Talk on!
That's some fine puckering there Kelly, truly epic suckage. Was the trip to podcast guy's lower colon nice?

I'm flattered you think my little blog is capable of killing your visitor stats - I suspect any stink hanging over it was there before I arrived, but thanks for the credit.

I'm amused by how you no longer even pretend was anything but a partisan exercise by someone with a specific ideological axe to grind. Had you been as open on the site itself about your disdain for unions, public healthcare and your ambitious goals for 'real change', I probably never would have taken any notice of it at all. It was the deceptive nature of the site and your questionable methods of promoting it that got my attention.

Even now you misrepresent what I wrote - while linking to it at the same time, which is an impressive display of cognitive dissonance. Particularly as you've essentially confirmed my whole post here.

I needed a chuckle dude, thanks.


RossK said...


Wonder how one acquires the self-delusionary skills to convince themself that rolling out the plastic Astroturf over concrete is the same thing as preparing the soil, planting the seed, fertilizing, watering and growing real grass?


wilson said...

Gotta love the blogosphere!
If this dude had a credible site, it would not have folded so easily.

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