Monday, October 02, 2006

Lies, Damned Lies and Fraser Institute Studies

The Fraser Institute has released a new study claiming yet again, that Public Healthcare is unsustainable and will make up 50% of Alberta's budget by 2017.

The same crap has been peddled by the free market ideologues of the Fraser Institute and the Alberta government before and, no matter how many times such arrant deliberate nonsense is refuted by the facts, it will be again. Promoting the same tired narrative depends on funny numbers, overestimating costs, underestimating revenues. ignoring inconvenient facts such as the fact that the public components of healthcare have stable costs while private components increase wildly, the fact that private healthcare costs vastly more overall and basically having no regard for the truth.

Believing this fairy story, on the other hand, only requires breath-taking naivete and gullibility.

Update: The response from the Paul Moist, President of CUPE today is basically: 'Of course they said that - it's the Fraser Institute, what do you expect?' He points out that it's drug costs - almost entirely in the private sector - where the real skyrocketing increases to health costs are occurring, which makes solving the so called 'funding crisis' by bringing more of healthcare into the private sector more than a little counter-intuitive.


Anonymous said...

It's about time a class action lawsuit was launched against the Fraser wacko institute for the spreading of lies that are an affront to what's best for the public interest. This institute is virtually treasonous to the public good and for the future of Canada as a truly sovereign nation. Only truly dense people or those blinded by greed could agree with their utter bs..

Cliff said...

Thanks for the comment, for future reference I usually ask for a name and don't allow anonymous posts - even the well written complimentary ones that I agree with...

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