Tuesday, October 02, 2007

In any other province...

...the sheer overwhelming profusion of one huge scandal after another would be government killers. Auditor General Fred Dunn's report has at least half a dozen examples of malfeasance that are - or at least should be - front page stories for months. On resource royalties alone Albertans have been cheated out of billions, something this government has known about for years and deliberately suppressed.

Calgary Grit has a rundown of the breathtaking scope of waste and abuse contained in Dunn's report - this makes the Fraser Report that Conservatives howled about with such vigor look like a catalog of responsible government practices.

Add in the EUB espionage
that forced the supposedly impartial arms length board to back down on a power line that had already been gift-wrapped for industry. Don't forget the ongoing environmental devastation of Alberta's shrinking natural beauty. It can't be seen as much from the highways or campgrounds but it can be seen from space.

Hey Albertans are you getting at all tired of being pimped out by these comically corrupt tools yet?


Art Hornbie said...

"Hey Albertans are you getting at all tired of being pimped out by these comically corrupt tools yet?"

No, many are not. Just yesterday alone I spoke with a Prada-shoe individual worried that this may have an impact upon her job; and also an oilfield electrician who worried that it may jeopardize his 'cushiest job ever.'

Individuals who have wealth or aspire to wealth seem to have no wish to rock the boat. Social conscience is lacking ... it's the new fad to be self-involved.

And where else can the Auditor General be chastized by a minister (eg Energy Minister)for criticizing the government?

Sorry times.

Cliff said...

However, who would have imagined the Liberals picking up Ralph Klein's seat just a few years ago? The self absorbed Prada types, and the obnoxious drunken power tie petro-dollar knobs I see swaggering through the streets of Calgary's core may be feeling worried because they're starting to feel besieged and even - do we dare to hope for such a role reversal? - marginalized.

I have hopes that Stelmach's Tories are re-enacting the last days of Strom's Socreds - the parallels are actually quite eerie.

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