Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bill O'Reilly declares war on 8 year old

OK, First watch this:

Mildly amusing little band promo featuring a young paid actress dissing O'Reilly and organized religion. The rational response would be to laugh it off, right? Let's watch how Bill reacts:

Geeeeeeeez-uz........ Bill responds to any attack, even by an 8 year old by having the fits, the shits and the blind staggers.

Really, does it even need to be pointed out how crazed and irrational this response is? It's so batshit insane to suggest that the parents of this child are abusing her, that even The Western Standard agrees with Bill. You know you're crazy when the nutbars at Right-Wing Psychos 'R Us are on your side.

Plus the Nancy Grace stand-in Bill has serving as his one woman craziness echo chamber (What is a 'Child Advocate' anyway? Somehow I doubt it says that on her tax return.), crosses the line so far it isn't even visible behind her when she calls for the girl's parents to be reported to social services and shunned by their neighbors.

Seriously folks, sue. Fox has big pockets.

The biggest insult however, is when Bill dismisses the little girl as obviously not being able to understand what she's being 'forced' to say. Uh Bill, maybe you needed to be held back when you were eight, but at that age I wouldn't have had any trouble understanding a single word of what this little girl is saying - I doubt too many of you reading this would have either - wellll... I suppose I might get some trackbacks from Western Standard readers, maybe I shouldn't make any assumptions about their intellectual development even now....

The most obvious point to be learned from all this? I really wanna check out the Bastardfairies music now...


Cliff said...

By the by, it was my lovely girlfriend Daenna who showed me these.

Anonymous said...

God, Fox is loopy. Where is the outrage over those awful little girl beauty pageants? Those purity balls?

Celebrity Wallpaper said...

wuhooo! nice post here.. :)

North of 49 said...

Yeah, that so-called Child Advocate creeped me out, too. Really, could you trust anything that came out from under those Cruella de Vil eyebrows? Tell you, I'd never let her within a mile of my kids.

And the girl? I'd bet neither Cruella nor O'Reilly has ever really talked to an eight year old, or they'd know that if a child is allowed to speak her mind without fear of censure, some pretty amazing things come out.

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