Thursday, November 01, 2007

She's baaack

Canada's Ann Coulter wannabe, cute as a bug serial stalker Rachel Marsden was too off the charts - shall we say 'quirky'? - for even Fox News. They walked her out of the building after on-air comments about Pakistani hygiene and too close for comfort editorializing on false rape allegations - a subject she should probably avoid considering her own troubling record.

Now she's turned up on CNN describing deliberately torturing people by repeatedly bringing them to the point of drowning as 'CIA swim lessons'. Crazy-head callousness of this order apparently fitting some CNN marketing knob's idea of the kind of rodeo clown antics Americans have come to expect from their talking heads. It got the attention of Crooks and Liars who did the only minimal amount of digging necessary to find out just how radioactive Marsden is.

There's a limited market for leggy provocateurs of the Coulter school of deliberate outrage - one would hope that it's saturated enough to leave our Miss Marsden with her button nose pressed longingly up against the MSM's window, but for some reason they keep putting her on the air.

The subject of the semantic torture VS swim lessons game (Swim lessons being another subject Marsden should probably avoid considering the associations with her own past.) came up in a discussion over Attorney General candidate Michael Mukasey's inability to say the simple words 'water-boarding is torture' which one would think would be a minimum requirement for the job of being in charge of the American Justice system.

If the new US government position is that it isn't torture - they may owe an apology to the families of all the Japanese soldiers they executed for doing it after World War II.


Mike said...

My gawd that woman is friggin whacked. She really need professional help, not time on a US network

Patrick Ross said...

"CIA swim lessons".


It's clever, even if it treats what is actually a very serious matter with anything but the proper respect.

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