Sunday, May 31, 2009

Calling an Abortion Provider a 'Murderer' is an Incitement to Terrorism

Suits should be filed using Harper's new law as soon as it is enacted, against anti-choice individuals and organizations who have provided material support or violent incitement to terrorist acts. I doubt its the use he had planned but there can be no arguing its applicability.
The federal government will soon introduce legislation that will allow victims of terrorism to sue perpetrators in Canadian courts, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Sunday.

Harper made the announcement at a Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) event in Toronto where he received the Saul Hayes Human Rights Award.

He said the legislation would allow "victims of terrorism to seek justice against individuals, organizations and foreign states that support terrorism."

UPDATE: Should the suspect in this act of terrorism and murder be water-boarded to find out who his accomplices are? If not will the supporters of torture against terrorists explain what distinction beyond skin colour exists between white terrorists and brown ones?

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