Saturday, December 12, 2009

Peter MacKay: Serial liar

So blatant and repeated a prevaricator even the Ottawa Citizen (A paper no one will ever describe as unfriendly to the Conservative Party) has no choice but to point out he has reputation for weaselly, faithless, deceptive behavior that at this point is set in stone.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay is a personable, good-looking, hard-working minister with a besetting flaw.

When caught in a tight spot, he has a tendency to change ground without apology, or even a blush. As a result, he suffers what might be charitably called a trust deficit -- and it pre-dates this week's unpleasantness over Afghan detainees.

Dissembling, distorting and spin are, lamentably, part of politics and have been forever. But MacKay's distortions are particularly blatant. He has a tendency to passionately advocate for some position, then, when contradicted by fact or logic, to lash out at opponents like a shrill boy backed into a corner.

Periodically some Conservative Party stenographer masquerading as a journalist promotes MacKay as the perfect choice for some greater task; running NATO for example, or of course, eventually replacing Stephen Harper.

There are politicians who can get away with being utterly shameless liars and blithe breakers of solemn promises. MacKay isn't one of them. He owes the security of his position purely to the shaky coalition of camps within the Conservative tent.

When Harper finally leaves, the auto-cannibalizing civil war within the ranks of Canada's right wing will begin and MacKay will be the first course.


Anonymous said...

Yep, it is officially pathological.

JAMES said...

remember he promised David Orchard he would not merge the pc with the reform party he swallowed himself whole on that one

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