Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saskatchewan Party/ Tory - Same Old Story (and same bank account?)

From Buckdog we learn the fascinating news today that Saskatchewan Party representatives have been funneling away funds from the quasi-defunct Saskatchewan Progressive Conservative Party to the Saskatchewan Party.

And its a good thing that 'dog is on the case considering the near total blackout this amazing story appears to be under both inside and out of Saskatchewan.

All sorts of questions are raised by this:

The Saskatchewan Party was formed to create a right wing alternative in Saskatchewan since the Progressive Conservative brand was and remains fatally tainted in Saskatchewan by the association with possibly the most corrupt provincial government in Canadian history. The leaders of the Saskatchewan Party movement and government have always strenuously denied they are just a continuation of the Saskatchewan PCs with the serial numbers filed off - in which case, why should they inherit the PCs war chest?

If, as the diehard Tories of Saskatchewan claim, the trustees with a foot in both parties are not legitimate administrators of the Progressive Conservative legacy or warchest - how can this possibly be legal?

Why are you only hearing about this now from a blogger? Why the near total blackout in the media?

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leftdog said...

The Saskatchewan Party has a history of trying to get there hands on the 3 Million bucks in the PC trust fund!

Stay tuned ... this story is going to be huge before all is said and done!

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