Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rand Paul...

...just thinks we don't understand the subtle philosophical point he's trying to make and doesn't get that we understand perfectly his theory that it is illegitimate for the state to tell a business that they can't refuse to serve black people and our response is "Yeah, we get it, fuck you."


R.B. Glennie said...

...and fuck you in return, you don't understand diddly shit.

You can disagree with Paul if you wish, but don't mischaracterize what he says, like the other Dipper guy `dalmaxmoron' or whatever he or she is.

For a guy who claims to be a `libertarian', you sure don't know shit about liberty.

Cliff said...

I love the automatic assumption that disagreeing with Paul means 'I don't understand diddly shit.' Like most right wing Libertarians and Mr. Paul in particular, your immediate, extraordinarily arrogant and condescending assumption is that fully informed and knowledgeable disagreement with your position is by definition impossible - anyone who disagrees just doesn't understand the fine philosophical point.

In fact of course I understand Rand's point precisely, I'm a left leaning libertarian a proud and longstanding tendency in libertarian thought, I just disagree with him. Vehemently.

And its interesting how selective Pauls' Libertarian absolutism is:

He supports Medicare and wants no reduction in Medicare payments (He plans to continue his career as an ophthalmologist despite being elected Senator) has lately said he would not leave abortion to the states, he doesn't believe in legalizing drugs like marijuana and cocaine, he'd support federal drug laws, he'd vote to support Kentucky's coal interests and he'd be tough on national security.

So he's quite willing to bend his absolutist Libertarian philosophical beliefs to support public healthcare, drug laws and other massive state intrusions into citizens personal physical autonomy, a huge military industrial complex and massive state subsidies for the coal industry in his state - but the state intervention in the private sector that is one step too far for him is legislation forbidding racism.

Interesting priorities.

Cliff said...

Also interesting to note R.B that you come up as coming from a Conservative Party of Canada IP - so your Libertarianism is a little situational too isn't it?

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