Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Counterfit receipts aren't just a 'difference of interpretation of the rules'

Spotted at A Creative Revolution:
In total, 65 Conservative candidates had submitted nearly identical invoices; only the dollar amounts were different.
The invoices were on the letterhead of the Conservative Party's advertising purchasing agency, Retail Media.
But an Elections Canada investigator later reported that Retail Media didn't seem to know anything about the documents, with a company spokesperson saying they didn’t even look remotely like the firm's standard invoices.
One executive of the ad company "speculated that this invoice must have been altered or created by someone."
So were the other 64 invoices, in total showing $1.3 million of local advertising expenses worth a federal rebate of more than $800,000.
Elections Canada discovered most Conservative candidates didn't seem to have a clue what they were claiming.
One is quoted in court documents as saying: "I think we contributed to TV national advertising. There was no way we could spend our limit so we were asked if we can help contribute."
The appeals court was blunt, saying the ads weren't local at all.
The level of criminality and contempt for the law displayed by the Harper Conservatives has long since reached Nixonian proportions.  If they don't approve of a law they ignore it.  If they are constrained by any independent oversight they co-opt it, corrupt it or crush it.  If they see an opportunity to use their governing power to attack partisan enemies or counteract democratic opposition they take it.

At this point, bringing down this government is necessary to save this country from a criminal regime.

Ignatieff and his handlers were behind the last coalition crumbling, it is to be hoped that his poll numbers like the prospect of a hanging in the morning have focused their attention on reality.


kirbycairo said...

The irony of this is how similar it is in spirit to the Sponsorship scandal only considerably worse because it went to the very top and was a direct attempt to fraudulently win an election. But the Liberals (for all their drawbacks) were willing to call a public inquiry while the Tories just pretend that it is nothing. This is a serious demonstration of why we will never see another federal public inquiry concerning a sitting government. Just ignore it an it will go away, and what do want to bet the strategy works?

Alison said...

65 separate invoices - all with the "I" missing from the word "Invoice."

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