Wednesday, June 29, 2011

SUN Host complains about being bullied for bullying a guest

In the 'willing to dish it out but not willing to take it' department we have Sun Host Krista Erickson who's revolting 'interview' with dancer Margie Gillis included belligerent and abusive behaviour including shouting Gillis down, refusing to let her answer - the frankly inane - questions Erickson asked and the juvenile mockery of Gillis's artistic career exemplified by her bizarre arm flapping gyrations would be an utter embarrassment for a real journalist.  Erickson is probably proud of her performance.

It has however, sparked the most complaints in the history of the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, over 2000 at the time of writing.  The council is plaintively begging people to stop sending them in as they're overwhelmed.

Now I hate to call any woman a vacuous tart, even one who is actively promoted as such, The Sun chain's idea of how to promote her as the journalistic face of  Fox News North SunTV was to make her one of their Sunshine Girls. 

I feel the need to stress that I'm not kidding about that.

She's been whining about being 'bullied' by the many artists and ordinary Canadians who have robustly expressed how utterly she embarrassed herself by her moronic performance. 

She's also very indignant on behalf of the poor harassed conservative politicians 'bullied' into supporting art projects they don't believe in by the aggressive hordes of scary artists

Once again the right wing tendency to paint anyone pushing back against their bullying as the aggressor.  Always an amusing display of cowardice, whining and hypocrisy.


Gyor said...

Olvia Chow bared her arms to show solidarity with sun news and Peter Komos was a sun shine boy. Are they both vicous tarts?

Playing the part of the puritan only distracks from more import points like how she calls the cbc the state broad caster like its Stalingrad television or the hammer and sickle network or how she called Gary Doer a Champaign Socialist almost as if the traditional insult was a compliment.

I for one support Krista's right to bare arms on her show or her breasts in one of those topless sun calendars if that is what she chooses (especially the latter) because she should be mock not for her sexuality which I fully support but for her insane rightwing views which match her fuller sleeved but equally mad male fellow sun media hosts.

Patty said...

"Erickson is probably proud of her performance."

This is scary, buy probably true...and proud of each and every complaints people sent...

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