Monday, August 15, 2011

Michael Coren: Repugnant Racist

 Update: Seven years later.  It's important to view the following in the context that since this time Michael Coren has dramatically and fundamentally changed his views and behavior.

The Michael Coren of 2018 is very different from the Michael Coren of 2011

Dawg has the story about 'respected' Canadian political commentator Michael Coren and his idea of a clever quip about the London Riots "It's not blackberries, it's black thugs."  Ignorant, racist and factually incorrect as extensive coverage of the multi-racial nature of the rioters clearly showed.
I must admit that I was sceptical when a reader reported this, but there is Michael Coren, in all his ugly racist glory, @3:22.
As “Canadian Patriot” (who has my apologies) says, we should all be submitting complaints to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, pronto.
Send a complaint to the CRTC as well, as reader Lorne suggests.
Just do it.
Let this latter-day Senator Bilbo handprint his messages of hate and try to pass them out on the streets of his native Tottenham. There is no place for this filth on Canadian airwaves. SunTV is a disgrace.
UPDATE: and for those who think this was a one off slip of the tongue he expanded on his theme in his Sun column:

"The overwhelming majority of the young punks who began the rioting, fighting, looting and burning were black. That is truth, not racism."

"They are the offspring of broken families, who cannot control their appetite for fathering children with numerous women, who shoot rivals and innocent people with indifference, and who define themselves by how much vulgar jewelry they wear and how much fearful “respect” they receive from law-abiding neighbours."
Again, important to be crystal clear; it's NOT the truth - extensive photographic and video evidence of multiracial and all white crowds of rioters make that clear - and it IS racism.

UPDATE 2: He's not too fond of 'teh gays' either.


kirbycairo said...

We need the name, date and time of the program in order to make a complaint.

Skinny Dipper said...

TV stations are required to keep a recorded copy of their programs for 60 days. I know, I used to work at a TV station.

As Kirbycairo mentioned, you do need the name, date, and time in order to make an effective complaint. Note, an exact time is not necessary. A time-block will do, eg. 8:00 am to 8:30.

Cliff said...

Dawgs link actually has the video.

kirbycairo said...

Dawg does link the video but I still cant find the actual name of the show or the time block that it occurred.

Cliff said...

Byline with Brian Lilley is right in the corner of the screen, it was uploaded August 9 - by some tool who has added an attack on Dawg to it since he linked to it - and in context was broadcast while the riots were still ongoing.

eastyorker said...

Complaining just feeds his martyr complex and he'll milk it for years. His biggest fear is irrelevancy which may come about after people get tired of his schtick.

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