Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not Open for Debate

I resist absolutism but some things are red lines.  A woman's right to control and 'own' her own body is one of them.  Add me to the chorus of voices deeply disappointed in the tone of the Prog Blog moderators during the recent unpleasantness over the inability of some who call themselves 'progressives' to understand how monumentally offensive the suggestion that such rights could ever be open to debate is.

I had vacillated over severing ties but 'screaming banshees'? Scott?  Really?  'A trivial matter'?  Do you seriously not see the problem with these remarks and the attitudes behind them?   I couldn't even believe you had said that until I saw it with my own eyes.  Very, very disappointing.

This 'trivial matter' and your clueless response to it has cost you another blog from the list.  Please consider this my request for removal from the Progressive Bloggers Aggregate.  Those who come here from Progressive Bloggers - which I have been a member of for almost six years and do not abandon lightly - please make other arrangements.

'Screaming banshees'. Unfuckingbelievable.

UPDATE: Busily adding everyone who left Prog Blogs to my Links list who wasn't already there. I'm happy to say most of you were already were on it.  If I've missed anyone please let me know.


Scott @ Prog Blog said...

I stand by the comment.. and the blogroll and posts on a whole will be better for their being gone. Good riddance.

Sad you have to join them.. but I'll do so.

Cliff said...

I note with interest that this post first had its votes wiped and then was removed from the aggregate altogether. I find that fascinating.

Pale said...

Oh hey. I have another doozy quote by the tribe.

You know, there are other feminist blogs on Progressive Bloggers not part of the B'n'R crowd that seem to be able to convey their message just fine without needing to resort to bullying, or basically calling anyone who doesn't agree with something they say names or questioning their progressive credentials.
I think its time to say that the B'n'R crowd certainly are feminists, but they represent a militant radical part of the feminist movement, and it paints the rest of the feminist movement in a bad light when they go on like this.
Here's hoping some of the moderate/liberal feminists band together and form their own group, to show that not everyone believes yelling and screaming and ranting and raving - even at your own allies, fer pete's sake when they disagree with you - is the way to try and convey your message. You B'n'R folks are your own worst enemies.

But he did that one under a fake name. The hilarity is outlined here.

the regina mom said...

Heh. I remember that, Pale. It inspired a piece for a column I used to write for Canadian Dimension magazine.

Hey, Rusty, I haven't been blogging a lot but would certainly appreciate a link to the regina mom @ http://thereginamom.com

Cliff said...

Done : )

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