Sunday, June 17, 2012

Tory Government: Screw the disabled!

The opposition tried to bring forward amendments to the bill but the government rejected them. Even an amendment that would have allowed those with perceptual disabilities, such as deaf or blind Canadians, to break digital locks in order to transfer the content to Braille or to add subtitles for closed captioning was defeated.
NDP MP Charlie Angus was livid Friday over the government's refusal to make a minor tweeks to the legislation.
"My daughter went through school deaf and to get copyright material she had to actually break the lock rhythm which is used to access material," Angus told Industry Minister Christian Paradis.
"Why would the Conservatives not work with us on a clear amendment that would ensure that students with perceptual disabilities are not treated as criminals for accessing material in an educational format so they can succeed?"


Beijing York said...

That is so awful. What is really pissing me off is that we are only learning about what was in that omnibus bill in dribs and drabs. Why did the mainstream media fail to cover all the amendments?

In so many casual conversations I've discovered that too many people have no idea what has happened with Bill C-38. The ugliness is only rearing it's head in the aftermath of it being passed without amendments.

NBDUDE said...

The main stream media has been bought and paid for long ago and most of the cbc are too scared of their jobs to be considered viable news casters, just talking heads like cnn.

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