Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Green Party is a Con-job

In Europe the various national Green Party's are real and valid progressive alternatives with a history of positive contribution to promoting progressive values and ideals.

In Canada the Green Party is a false flag operation.  A deliberate right wing stalking horse designed and promoted with the explicit goal of splintering the progressive vote.

When David Suzuki, quite reasonably, refused to appear at a venue with a Sun News 'reporter' in attendance after the contemptible attacks they regularly make upon him, Elizabeth May sided with Fox News North and gave their attending propagandist a big friendly hug.  The Sun News quisling then gushed about how much she 'respects' May.

So think about that.  Doctor Suzuki doesn't want to pander to a propaganda operation by treating them as if they were really journalists that is deliberately and repeatedly attacking him in the crudest and most contemptible terms precisely because he is such a credible opponent to the Conservative Party's slash and burn approach to the environment .  Elizabeth May gives Fox News North a big hug and the Sun News pod person takes pains to say how much she 'respects' her.

At this point anyone still supporting the Canadian Green Party is either a dupe or in on the con.


Gloria said...

Elizabeth May was very smart. Rumor has it. The Sun is Harper's propaganda machine. Suzuki has been victimized by the Sun. May knew Canadian citizens would have, stomped all over the Sun, because of their adverse propaganda against Suzuki. Canadians have no use for the Sun either, except for those who support Harper. Suzuki shot himself in the foot. Now it is he, who will be stomped on, by his own stupidity.

kirbycairo said...

Wow, Gloria, you win "the most incomprensible blog comment of the week" award. Congrats.

Elizabeth May just demonstrated where her real sympathies lie and why groups like the Sierra Club have continually endorsed the NDP over the Green Party.

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