Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Class War at its most blatant

To the Tories this is win-win.  

Get a Judge venal enough to jump at a dangled Senate appointment and they get legislation designed to crush Canada's Labour movement past the courts.

 Get a Judge who actually respects Canada's constitution they get to rant about activist judges to their base when its over-turned.

Either way the Canadian people pay for the Conservative Party's ideological war with the concept of workers banding together to protect and promote their interests.

Critics of a controversial bill requiring unions to disclose in-depth financial details are calling on its supporters to produce a constitutional expert to testify the bill can pass legal muster — because they don’t believe that one exists. 
As Bill C-377 enters its second week of Senate committee hearings, several constitutional scholars are speaking out against the Conservative private member’s bill that would force labour organizations to disclose to the Canada Revenue Agency how they spend the dues they collect. 
Such experts — including the Canadian Bar Association and law professors who testified at last week’s Senate hearings — say it violates Charter guarantees to privacy and freedom of association, and encroaches on provincial jurisdiction.


Purple library guy said...

Well, yeah, but in this case I'd still settle for turfing that law. Let them tell their base what they want.

Nitpick: In the title you want its, not it's.

Cliff said...

Thanks, teach me to post on only one cup of coffee.

Some Old Guy said...

Someone needs to take this to the Supreme Court.

Is this happening?

If not, why not?

Cliff said...

It hasn't become a law yet. If I had to guesss, I would bet the CLC's lawyers have their submission ready if it does, for an injunction to keep it from going into effect while it works its way through the courts.

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