Friday, August 30, 2013

Kelly McParland resurrects a classic racist smear divorced from history and reality

"If the U.S. does go ahead with plans to intervene, it will be doing so despite overwhelming public weariness across the western world with problems in the Middle East and Arab countries, with limited support from other western governments, and with no real appetite from Americans themselves. The experiences of Iraq and Afghanistan, the ongoing crisis in Egypt, the apparent lack of any progress in a region addicted to violence, have all been effective in diluting the West’s innate sympathy for the people of the region.  How often can you try to help people who don’t seem to want it and respond largely with anger and even more violence?"
Ahistorical, racist nonsense that deliberately ignores how often the West has intentionally stamped out any stirrings of real democracy in the region.

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Purple library guy said...

Well, it all makes sense as soon as you translate "help" into "massacre". And it's true, they don't seem to want that, and respond largely with anger and even violence. Go figure.

What gets me is "a region addicted to violence"--yeah, whose violence dominates the Middle East?

But it's fine. If "the West" gets sick and tired of "helping" the Middle East, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. I'm just imagining a world where they get so miffed at everybody's ingratitude that they take their stealth bombers and go home to sulk.

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