Friday, April 11, 2014

They are incapable of Governing

At what point does the fact that the Conservative government is just not competent enough at the process of government to produce laws that don't violate our guaranteed Charter rights and are therefore stuck down by the courts constitute political malpractice?

Are they just deliberately batting foul balls to have something to shout about judicial activism to their mouth breathing base over?

The Conservative government’s tough-on-crime agenda has suffered another major blow at the Supreme Court of Canada. The court blocked the government’s attempt to stop judges from routinely giving extra credit to offenders for time served in jail before sentencing.
The 7-0 ruling continues the losing streak of the Harper government in major cases at the Supreme Court over the past month.
The unanimous ruling is even written by one of Harper's own appointees! They were repeatedly warned this would happen and deliberately pissed away MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to pass a law that anyone with even a child's understanding of the charter and existing sentencing law could and did tell them would be overturned by the courts. This is incompetence and wastefulness on a truly breathtaking scale.

Frankly it disqualifies them for governance.


Alison said...

From looking at their reckless spending on increased outsourcing, their fruitless litigation against Canadians, their losing track of millions of tax dollars - all while cutting back on the public service - you would almost think the entire point was to bankrupt the government before they get kicked out.

Cliff, this 72 year old guy is walking across Canada to protest election fraud. He started in Victoria BC and is now in Lethbridge. Could you work your local contacts to get him more publicity? Thanks.

Cliff said...

I will definitely spread the word. : )

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