Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Deliberate Ambiguity of Occupation

Israel has a policy of deliberate ambiguity about whether its control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip is 'occupation'. Every other country on Earth including their closest ally the US says it is an occupation, Israel coyly argues it both is and isn't depending on which definition gives them the most flexibility under international law in any given scenario. 

In practice this leaves the Palestinians dispossessed, discriminated against and in the West Bank without recourse to the law when bands of violent, fanatical settlers descend from their hilltop bandit nests to attack Palestinian homes and crops and savagely assault any Palestinians who resist. 

 The Israeli police stand and watch.

It's time to stop coddling this sleazy little semantics game.

Le Monde diplomatique argues giving them three more years to the 50th Anniversary of the Occupation to once and for all define what they are doing as occupation or not. If its an occupation they are legally required to begin the process of withdrawal, if its not an occupation they are legally required to give full and equal legal citizenship rights to all the population under their control.

They have been allowed to be vague on this subject for almost FIFTY YEARS.

No longer.


gingersnap said...

We must recall the planeload of Harper's degenerates, he took with him on his visit with Israel. Some say this war on Palestine was plotted.

I read. Israel wants Palestine's water and gas. That Israel said, Palestine would never be a state. That Palestine will be, pushed into the sea. That the dead Children of Palestine, are merely collateral damage.

Israels vile behavior has caused a petition to be sent around the globe, against Israel and their supporters.

Six members of my family served during WW2. We had felt very sorry for the Jewish people. All those Jewish children, with tattoo`s on their arms.

Yet Israel has no remorse, for all of those little Palestinian children, that are dying. That Israel threw themselves in with such as HarperÉ I no longer will support the Jewish people.

Peter said...

So we'll give them three whole years to come up with another laughable rationalization, or else...or, the article is vague on that point.

Not exactly peace in our time, is it?

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