Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You haff your papers?

Maher Arar just announced on Twitter that the US government's No Fly list is now being applied domestically IN CANADA.

If you are on a foreign government's shit list you just lost the right of travel within your own country.

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karen said...

I was at a meeting about C-51 last night and a man stood up and told us what it was like as a little boy to run away first from Lithuania and then from Germany. He told us what it was like for a black limousine to come into the neighbourhood and take away someone who would not be seen again. He told us what it was like to be watched all the time and to always be afraid that his parents could be taken away. When his family came to Canada they felt so much safer. After a few years, his father wanted to move the family from Manitoba to Ontario, so he went to he police to tell them and find out what forms to fill out. He remembers how amazed his father was to be told he could just go. Anywhere in the country, no permission required. Then he said, "this country has changed. This is not the Canada my parents brought us to."

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