Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Re-writing History only weeks later

Tom Mulcair says he's staying on as NDP leader but it may not be up to him.

There's a concerted attempt to peg the beginning of the NDPs decline in fortunes to the eruption of the Niqab controversy because that's an honorable and incontestable reason for losing, but our numbers started dropping before it erupted and the Liberals held the same position and manifestly did not suffer because of it.

The real turning point began with the absurd 'No deficits' promise when it became clear the NDP was running to the economic right of the Liberals and allowing them to become the real change alternative. I absolutely REFUSE to let that history be elided as the attempt to do so is clearly intended to short-circuit the necessary debate about the NDPs baffling, economically and politically suicidal lurch to the right.

We arrived at the moment where Canadians finally came to us - and didn't find us where they were looking for us.


thwap said...

That's exactly right. They abandoned the Liberals and we decided to go to where the Liberals used to be.

It doesn't explain why people went back to Liberals quite so much. That had something to do with blinkered ideas about "strategic voting."

This election did not vindicate strategic voting. I voted Liberal because I'm stuck in a riding where the harpercon fraudster won against a Liberal by 600 votes last time. (When I voted NDP.)

To vote against Linda McQuaig and Paul Dewar was just fear of harper clouding one's better judgment.

Hishighness said...

As someone who's been a Liberal since he was 14 I really hope Tom Mulcair stays on as NDP leader for the next oh say 10 elections or so. He did Canada a great service by throwing the election Monday night and delivering a strong Liberal majority. Liberals, unlike NDP yunno actually knowing how to govern and all. Now that we're going to bring in ranked ballot we'll finish off the NDP once and for all in 2019. #CrushOrange

Please keep thinking you lsot because of "strategic voting" though. Cuz, yunno that's why incumbent, popular (though God knows why) NDP MPs lost big. I guess voters are just too stupid to know what party their MP is, right?

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