Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First Contact

Right. Starting to get the hang of this (Is this thing on...) yes, ok...

Some who know me would probably see a blog as an inevtable result of my highly opionated, sarcastic media junkie and inveterate TV shouter-ater personality. Indeed the only question may be "why so long you arrogant loudmouth?"

Be at peace my children I am come.

Let the self indulgence commence...

Seriously though, I've worked as a reporter, features writer and editor on newspapers and magazines in Canada and the States. I write fiction and have had some of it published. I ran as a New Democrat in the last provincial election here in Alberta. I've been a Shop Steward and union organizer, a lobbyist in Ottowa a pizza chef in Cold Lake and an actor on the stage in Vancouver. Not neccesarily all in that order.

I omniverously consume media from every source I have access to, and have opinions about all of it.

The question of course being, are my opinions worth anyone's time but my own? This would be the essence of the matter of course - are my musings, rants, observations worth the time it will take you, whoever you are, to read them?

... 'fucked if I know.

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