Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This is why I love nurses

Aside from being raised by one, they just are the toughest most ruthlessly practical people. Idealism is great, these are the people, mostly women, who get elbow deep into blood, guts and other bodily fluids every day in order to actually help people - usually for less money then a plumber. When it comes to actually changing the world from the ground up, give the job to a nurse. Case in point.

President Cecilia Fire Thunder was offended as a woman and a nurse by South Dakota's draconian new abortion law and is offering to help circumvent it by setting up a Planned Parenthood clinic on Ogala land. It would seem to me that the sovereignty rights that allow casinos on American tribal land even in states where gambling is otherwise illegal would also apply here and would effectively make the South Dakota law an unenforceable joke. It as been suggested however, that the doctor would have to be Native American for tribal immunity to apply.

Regardless, the area of South Dakota President Fire Thunder lives in is apparently under-served for family planning care and there is a Live Journal site where you can support President Fire Thunder

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