Saturday, October 14, 2006

Killing the Wheat Board

The zeal Conservatives have, for the idea of holding the Wheat Board's head underwater, is based purely and soley on ideology. The pragmatic observer asks why, if it's such a bad deal for farmers why have the Americans tried so hard to kill it in trade negotiations? Why do so many farmers, supportive of the Conservatives traditionally, oppose the moves to kill the Board.

Why Conservative governments have had to spend millions on undermining it.

Why the government openly packed the commission into it's future with opponents of the Board. Sneered Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl:
it would be pointless to have people in favour of the status quo on the panel.
Why the Wheat Board employees have been forbidden from speaking out for their employer and the job it does.

Its such a blatant and brute piece of bullying and suppression of dissent. Farmers are about to learn that their support is taken for granted by this government, and get another taste of being screwed over by free market ideologues pursuing a long term sovereignty sell out plan.

The Conservatives may be following the same path of their ideological soulmates to the south and leaving their supporters behind.

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Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

"And if the Wheat Board is so bad, why is it mandatory for farmers who vehemently wish to be excluded from it"

"Why is this glorious Wheat Board only for western farmers and not eastern ones? Why haven't eastern farmers been clamouring to be allowed to sign onto this Wheat Board (and simultaneously "sign up" their neighbours against their will)?"

"Why don't Wheat Board supporters shrug this all off, knowing that farmers will all sign up to the Board the next day thanks to the amazing benefits it has provided to farmers?"

Er, wait, this whole "Wheat Board" thing is the proverbial crock after all!

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