Saturday, January 17, 2009

And so it goes

The Israeli cabinet is set to back an end to offensive military activities in the Gaza Strip, three weeks after attacks began, the BBC understands.

Israel's leaders are expected to approve a ceasefire at a meeting later on Saturday, after which PM Ehud Olmert will address the nation, sources said.

The sources said the ceasefire deal did not involve Hamas.

The images that have been going through my head uncontrollably the last few weeks, are the assault on the ghetto sequence from Schindler's List.

There's no possible correlation of course, no heavy artillery and white phosphorous shells for one thing.

Gaza has been a war, conducted in the context of shadowy and contradictory movements from a political leadership who are simultaneously in the process of running against each other in elections. Okay critics of coalition governments may have a point, at least as it applies to the conduct of a war of aggression.

This is the future as Israel sees it: 'We say there's no one to negotiate with, so no attempt will be made. The West Bank will become an Israeli suburb, one settlement block at a time. Gaza will continue to be a huge fenced in outdoor prison and there will be the occasional punitive assault to crush any resistance from the prisoners. Forever.'

And political and media elites in the West will continue the full-throated support for Israel that has one inescapable underlying premise: White lives are worth more than brown lives.

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