Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Playing chicken?

So without the NDP's support either the Conservatives accept, indeed vote for, the Liberal's humiliating probation amendment or they refuse it and Iggy's choice is to swallow his pride and vote for the budget anyway or... not.

Even two months ago I would have had no doubt about Harper's response to the Liberals dictating terms to him, now...

I guess we'll see won't we.

UPDATE: Well that settles that.
OTTAWA - The Conservatives are expected to support a Liberal amendment that would require the government to provide regular updates on the implementation and cost of the budget, Canwest News has learned.
"The budget already required reporting, so we see no reason to oppose this," a government official close to Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Canwest News on Wednesday
In other words, the Tories have every reason to believe that their probation officer won't be a strict one and will be doing the equivalent of moving in across the street from the elementary school and missing their appointments with impunity.

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