Monday, July 13, 2009

Cheney's Secrets

First there were the stories about the JSOC wetwork team reporting directly to the Vice President - now there's evidence that Cheney was running his own intelligence task force out of his office with the CIA and lying about it to congress.
The head of the CIA has accused former US Vice-President Dick Cheney of concealing an intelligence programme from Congress, a top US senator says.
The existence of the programme, set up after 9/11, was hidden for eight years and its precise nature remains unclear.
Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein confirmed that CIA chief Leon Panetta told Congressional committees he had abandoned the project on hearing of it.
He said that Mr Cheney was behind the secrecy, Sen Feinstein said.
There has been no comment from Mr Cheney.

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Daniel said...

Lying to congress or just hiding it from them? I suppose if they ask him for a full report and he hides something that's lying... You may be interested in the video Newsy just posted about this situation and the various perspectives the mainstream media is taking:

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