Monday, August 10, 2009

Classic Concern Trolling

Kelly McParland has all sorts of helpful advice for the NDP - advice which essentially boils down to becoming the Conservative Party.

When considering his novel suggestions, its worth wondering why a rabid right winger would want to help the only real left wing party in Canada with sitting Members in parliament. A party that has been increasing its vote count and number of seats every election for the last decade, just elected it's first provincial government east of Ontario and in Manitoba is running the only province to table a balanced budget since the economic collapse. A party with an economic world view that has been massively vindicated by recent events and which is poised to make major gains in the next election with Iggy's honeymoon over and people actually starting to think about party platforms in the context of an election campaign.

A lot of people have been offering helpful advice and the NDP do have major policy considerations ahead - but the advice of Kelly McParland can safely be ignored except as what not to do.

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Tyler said...

I don't know what's more difficult to read, the article or the comments?

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