Thursday, August 27, 2009

Keep Watching the Skies

Aircraft and vaguely defined 'technological solutions' company Sierra Nevada Corporation can't see what the fuss in Sarnia is all about. Just because they're floating a high tech surveillance balloon over the St. Clair River testing technology they hope to sell to the US government for border patrol and urban surveillance.

And it certainly shouldn't concern anyone that they're also experimenting with things like solar powered drones that could go up and stay up for months or years and a panoramic view aerial observation technology with the reassuring name 'The Gorgon's Stare' to be used against insurgents in Afghanistan.

Nor should anyone be unduly disturbed Sierra Nevada is testing aircraft that look exactly like 'Rover' the robotic border guards in the dystopian paranoid TV fantasy, 'The Prisoner'.

Seriously, this is like a James Bond super-villain's front company. Does their CEO go drinking with the head of Blackwater?

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