Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'Obama stole my mojo!'

The real, emasculating truth behind Obama derangement syndrome revealed:
Study: McCain Voters Lost Testosterone
(Oct. 21) -- Young men who voted for John McCain lost more than a presidential election last November. A study says their testosterone level plummeted.
As polls closed on election night, researchers at Duke University and the University of Michigan had 183 men and women chew gum and spit into test tubes and analyzed their hormones.A few hours later, as Barack Obama supporters began celebrating, they tested hormone levels again, and then later, at two more intervals.
Men who voted for Obama maintained stable testosterone levels, while men who voted for McCain saw those levels drop more than 25 percent.
"What this study shows us is how stress and outside stimulus influences our physiology," said Duke University spokesman Karl Leif Bates.
Republican men can take comfort in the fact that the testosterone drop was only temporary, and that the midterm elections are coming.
So no, voting Republican doesn't make you sterile.



deBeauxOs said...

That's lovely but did anybody test Ann Coulter's testosterone level?

We already know that Republican men are testerical.

DivaRachel said...

As usual, blame everything on Obama!

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