Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sad now

Our cat died today.

I'm not going to bore you too long about this - I'm just an emotionally closed off guy who expresses himself through writing - feel free to ignore this exercise in self-indulgence.

It wasn't a huge surprise. He was in his twenties and had gotten thinner and quieter as the years went by. He lost his appetite in the last week and slept under the bathroom sink most of the time. That's where I found him when I got home today.

Ceecee was a sullen, rather foul tempered shaggy pitch black cat with glowing green eyes - he was almost the stereotypical Halloween cat with a meow that was a ragged half snarl, half shriek. When he was younger he had a habit of attacking people when startled, biting and scratching and particularly taking a toll on the women in my life. He had a strong streak of jealousy- a habit I'm pleased to say he got over in recent years. He never really attacked my current girlfriend and in fact came to become very affectionate towards her - as much as anyone other than me.

He could be extremely affectionate, he loved being picked up and held starting to purr heavily as soon as he was in someone's arms. He would wake me up in the morning by jumping on the bed and gently head-butting me until I got up and fed him.

I got him at a party several years ago. It was late in the evening and while stretched out on the couch I overheard some other party-goers talking about how they would have to get their cat put down as they were moving to a no-pets building. 'I'll take him!' I shouted drunkenly and suddenly I had a cat.

And now he's gone. Bye Ceecee.

After a bath


sassy said...

My condolences on your loss of Ceecee. Our pets really are family members and their passing is a true loss.

Over twenty and passing away quietly in his home, the home you provided. Bless him.

Cute photo of him after a bath, love the "the things I tolerate from my human" expression on his face.

jj said...

Condolences on the loss of your feline friend.

20 years is a long run for a cat, so he must have had a good life with you. And it sounds like he slipped away quietly and was spared any discomfort... we should all be so lucky, when you think about it.

Take care.

Pale said...

It sounds like you had the fortunate experience of living with a real character.
It is strange how sometimes our bestest friends come into our lives, completely unplanned eh?

Goodbye CeeCee. Happy hunting.

TennisToad said...

I can feel your sadness. My cat tj was just put to sleep on Monday... She was 18, and also got real skinny, lost her appetite and lost alot of weight in the past few weeks. I got her when I first Moved out on my own. She was a mean little orange tiger cat that would bite and scratch anyone other than me. She slowey warmed up to my girlfriend/wife. She was a good friend and family member. We are both devastated.

Cliff said...

Thanks for all the kind words folks.

penlan said...

So sorry for your loss Cliff. Nothing wrong with talking about the one real constant in your life for the past 22 yrs. All we pet lovers understand how you feel & how tough it can be to lose a furry companion. CeeCee looks like he was a beautiful boy & you were fortunate, as was he, to have him around for that length of time. You obviously took great care of him. :)
RIP CeeCee.

skdadl said...

Very sorry to hear about Ceecee, Cliff, and about tj too, Tennis Toad. It's hard to let go when they're been so much a part of our lives, but they do get very tired when they've lived so long.

I love the photo too. It's darn hard to capture detail like that on the face of an all-black -- guess the bath did it.

RuralSandi said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my little guy last Feb and he was 14 and the house feels so empty.

In his 20's - that's amazing.

Don't ever feel bad about sharing your loss of a family member, even if it had 4 legs.

Matthew The Astrologer said...

Speaking as someone who knew him in his feistier years -- and once had my arm shredded by him, with no resentment on my part -- Ceecee was pretty damned awesome. I don't bond with just any cat, but he was unique.

Cliff said...

To be fair Matt, the lack of resentment may be due to the fact you were feeling no pain even before he clawed you...

Thanks for dropping by buddy.

Alison said...

Still sad, I see.
C'mon, Cliff, try nibbling on a wee bit of publicly funded vaccine going to private clinics.

Very tough to lose the furry persons we share life with - going through a deathwatch myself - but how lucky you both were to have each other. Love you to bits for that "I'll take him." .

Cliff said...

Thanks Alison.

Actually been off the air so long because my lady came down with double pneumonia with a possible H1N1 chaser. We were in the hospital from Thursday afternoon to Sunday evening, with her in a bed on oxygen and antibiotics.

D is feeling much better and I'm letting some thoughts about our public health system percolate for a coming post. We were in overcrowded hospital in an embattled health system in the middle of a huge surge of severe flu cases and we couldn't be happier with the quality of care we got.

We talked to nurses who were outraged at Stephen Duckett's attempts to gag health workers because they see it as an attempt to stop their advocacy for their patients.

So don't worry. Losing Ceecee sucked but I'll be back. I'm still just a little sleep deprived from a stressful couple of weeks.

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