Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stelmach: Unemployed need to 'change their attitude'

It's not because of an economic collapse brought on and made worse by mindless right wing policies of deregulation and insufficient stimulus spending, according to Special Ed, the thousands who've lost their jobs since the economic collapse just need to improve their attitude.

The president of Alberta’s largest labour union is blasting Premier Ed Stelmach’s suggestion that some victims of the recession need to change their attitudes.

During a lunch time address to the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce today, Stelmach said Alberta is poised to rebound from the economic turmoil and will benefit from a deep labour pool, but only for those with the right outlook.

“The A and B Crews are working and the C Crew is at home until they change their attitude,” he said, during prepared remarks.

“This is the new reality in a time of recession.”

But Alberta Federation of Labour President Gil McGowan said workers who found themselves unemployed through no fault of their own deserve a better fate than to have their attitudes questioned by their leader.

“This is a disturbing comment coming from the premier in a time of recession — he seems to be blaming the unemployed for being unemployed,” he said.

Hopefully working Albertans remember this scornful contempt next election.

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CK said...

Unfortunately, this is the mind frame of most today.

Subsequent generations have and are becoming more and more right wing, for God knows what reason.

These are people who basically even resent their parents and grand parents instead of embracing them.

Oh attitudes do need to change all right, just to change to have more compassion, be less self-centred,be willing to help their fellow man.

All this started with my generation unfortunately. I was a kid of the 80s; the decade of excess; everybody wanted everything for themselves with little regard for others.

Then in turn, we raised narcissists.

Hopefully, this can all turn around.

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