Friday, November 20, 2009

Unintentional admission?

Defence Minister Peter MacKay said the Conservatives will not try to remove Richard Colvin from his post in Washington, even though they question the credibility of his testimony on Afghan prisoners.

MacKay, speaking at a news conference at the opening of the Halifax International Security Forum on Friday, was asked how the Tories could keep Colvin in his role as a senior intelligence official at the Canadian Embassy in Washington if they have issues with his evidence.

“Decisions about promotions and placement of civil servants is not a partisan exercise,” MacKay told reporters. ”Those are decisions that are taken internally. I think there would be outrage if the government simply started hiring and firing based on politics.”
So does that mean he's admitting that the Conservatives full court press to impugn the honesty and credibility of Mr Colvin is in fact a 'partisan exercise based on politics'?

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