Monday, January 04, 2010

Rats and Sinking Ships

Two Calgary-area MLAs have abandoned Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach's Progressive Conservative government in favour of the upstart right-wing Wildrose Alliance Party.
Former cabinet minister Heather Forsyth, who has represented Calgary-Fish Creek for the Tories since 1993, and Rob Anderson, who was first elected as a Tory in Airdrie-Chestermere in 2008, announced today they have crossed the floor.
Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith, who was only selected last October to head the party, made the announcement in Calgary.
“Their decision to cross the floor and join our members is based on principles and the recognition that the Stelmach Tories no longer represent the interests of Albertans,” she said.

And not pure and simple political survival in right wing ridings, no matter what unkind realists cynics might suggest.

Ed Stelmach is reenacting the last days of Harry Strom, as predicted here more than once. The only question left is if the result is a Tory Minority, a Monster Raving Loony Wildrose Alliance minority, or an unlikely but not impossible Liberal minority as a result of right wing vote splitting in the country and a social moderate revolt in the city.


theo said...

Gracious Cliff,
The Monster Raving Loony Party would be a (ahem) monstrous improvement over either the Tories or the ReallyWildRight party. Shame on you for besmirching the good name of a party that had a true sense of humour. A personality trait that is sadly lacking in right wing philosophy unless it involves sociopath behaviour. Only in Alberta do we consistently elect humourless ideologues, you say? Pity.

Cliff said...

Good point. There actually is a Monster Raving Loony Party and they're a funny, clever bunch of culture jammers. I shouldn't be associating them with the squalid little band of wreckers in the Wildrose Alliance.

It's just that every word fits so well; Monstrous selfishness, raving right wing ranting and of course absolutely loony policy prescriptions for Alberta.

They are trying really hard to downplay just how right wing they are - any time now I'll be seeing comments from right wingers about how fresh and new and moderate their new leader Danielle Smith is. Of course she's actually a hardcore ideologue who's disruptive antics led to the dissolution of the Calgary school board. A position she ran for, for no other reason than an ideological desire to disrupt a public entity she wanted to castrate.

The leader of a party of far right social conservatives who hate government - unless its being used to attack gays or reproductive rights.

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