Thursday, June 03, 2010

Execution on the High Seas

ISTANBUL — One of the nine people killed in an Israeli commando raid on a flotilla of ships heading for Gaza this week was a United States citizen of Turkish descent, officials in Turkey and Washington said Thursday.
The Cihan news agency reported that Mr. Dogan had one bullet in the chest and four bullets fired into his head from close range.


Dr.Dawg said...

The NYT has removed all reference to this.

Cliff said...

Interesting. Down the memory hole. I wonder if its the assumption that a newspaper in a Muslim nation is inherantly less reliable? Complaints from Israel?

Follow up is certainly called from from the Gray Lady

Cliff said...

One of the Times bloggers still has the original report of 1 to the heart and 4 to the head in his post about the death of Mr Dogan. Wonder how long that will last?

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