Tuesday, June 01, 2010

If you hate Israel...

...and you pray for its destruction, you should:
  • Support the blockade of Gaza and the methods used to sustain it unreservedly and uncritically.
  • Support Netanyahu and his far right coalition of Likudniks, racist supporters of ethnic cleansing and petty grafters.
  • Denounce anyone offering even the mildest criticism as antisemites.
  • Describe those who attack foreign flagged vessels in international waters as victims when those on those vessels resist.
  • Oppose any compromise on settlements, Jerusalem or water rights.
  • Support and sustain the current government of Israel and any tactics it uses to maintain the current status quo.
If your goal is the isolation, abandonment and ultimate destruction of the state of Israel, these tactics will drastically accelerate your goals.

UPDATE: See M J Rosenberg


LeDaro said...

You're quite right. Netanyahu is no saviour for Israel.

fern hill said...

Great post. Love the label. ;)

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