Friday, February 04, 2011

Shameful Opposition to Democracy

It's been fascinating watching various right wing and establishment 'liberal' commentators twist themselves into knots justifying their hostility to people fighting for democracy and their support for a vicious dictator.

As well as plentiful examples in the American media and political establishment, and the despicable fawning from Tony Blair for the malevolent Mubarak, here in Canada we have had the spectacle of the Globe and Mail scolding the courageous Egyptian protesters for trying to 'humiliate' Mubarak and then scrambling to reposition as events conspire to make them look ever more discreditable.  We've watched various political figures fear-mongering about the Muslim Brotherhood (with its membership of perhaps a couple hundred thousand in a country with a population of over 80 million.) to justify their defense of a military strong man who has held power for decades using torture, savage repression and a police force only one step away from death squads.

The argument is explicit:  That the problem with democracy is that it might mean some Muslims will vote.

This needs to be remembered.  This shameful display needs to follow them for the rest of their lives.

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kirbycairo said...

Good points, this kind of thing really brings out the worst in some people. I read a Yahoo news article and the comments after the article was just full of the most atrocious racism, anti-Obama crap, and a complete ignorance concerning the role that the West has played in supporting dictators. But this is just the continuing story of the illusions of Western democracy.

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