Monday, February 21, 2011

They never miss a chance to bring it up...

Its hard to spin away that the government and police were monitoring and spying on an elected politician because of the positions he supported.  The Sun is left with the old reliable refuge of the conservative Canadian media whenever the subject comes up, of shrieking 'eugenics!'
During his long public career Douglas held many views that would seem shocking today.
In his 1933 master’s thesis, titled The Problems of the Subnormal Family, Douglas advocated the “unfit” be placed on state work-farms and be sterilized to prevent them from having children.
Douglas also advocated anyone who wanted to marry be subject to government testing to obtain certificates of mental and physical fitness. He saw this as a way to keep “subnormal” humans from marrying.
"Because this class tend to intermarry... the second and third generations are nearly always worse than the first. The result is an ever increasing number of morons and imbeciles who continue to be a charge upon society,” Douglas wrote in defence of eugenics.
Don't look for the context, The Sun of course does not advise their readers that such views were common at the time, nor do they print the many available quotes from Tory and Liberal elected figures from the same era saying the same things.

They don't mention that after a visit to pre-war Germany Douglas abandoned his previous support for eugenics - all it took was seeing it in action.

But in Alberta, the right wing Social Credit government kept forcible sterilization laws on the books until 1972 after they were voted out of power in 1971.

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