Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pile-on Backlash

Appended to an unrelated piece about Harper's clear intention to administer a deathblow to the Liberals by finally getting his way on killing the vote subsidy, Jane Taber notes that the media pile on Ruth Ellen Brosseau has resulted in backlash sympathy and support for the embattled fledgling NDP MP.  Canadian women in particular watched the gleeful attacks on a working single mother who idealistically signed up as a candidate in a race she had no expectation of winning, and got angry.
What Ruth Ellen Brosseau brings to the House

After much negative publicity, skepticism and raised eyebrows over Vegas-vacationing New Democrat Ruth Ellen Brosseau, public opinion may be changing.

The pile-on over the young woman’s ability to serve in the Commons has turned off some Canadians – especially women – and there are many now who are rooting for her to succeed in a big way in the Commons.

Anecdotally, there are many women who believe that the 27-year-old former pub server and single mother’s presence in the Commons is refreshing. Finally there will be more than middle-aged blue-suited professionally-trained men in the House. With the addition of Ms. Brosseau, the Commons will take a small step toward reflecting real life.


deBeauxOs said...

I sense those MPty suits in the Harper Majority are professionally-deformed rather than informed.

So few of them have anything approaching empathy or compassion for the lives of real Canadians.

Alison said...

Mansbridge started this on election night and again later with the At Issue panel, sniggering about "a barmaid".

Kincardine said...

yeah, the suit guys pissed off the women folk - right on!

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