Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The scent of Debacle

The new Fox News North, I mean SCTV, I mean the very professional and not at all amateurish looking Sun News TV operation has had a rough start.  A massive drop off in viewers after its initial half hour, mockery for its cardboard sets and pretty but vacant personalities and of course, Ranty McHatey Ezra Levant's fevered ego and ongoing car crash of a show.  Now they appear to have been evicted from their corner of the satellite TV bandwidth over a fee dispute.

Canada’s newest 24-hour news channel, Sun News Network, has been yanked off the air by Bell TV in a dispute about fees.
Quebecor Inc. (QBR-B), which owns the channel, sent a letter to BCE Inc. (BCE-T35.690.090.25%) on April 18, demanding the channel be removed from Bell’s satellite TV service if an agreement was not reached by May 3. Bell did just that at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. Now, Quebecor plans to file a complaint with the federal broadcast regulator, charging that BCE is discriminating against channels that it does not own.
After Canadians rejected their last minute desperate smear against Jack Layton and their falling out with Harper's campaign team before that its hard to miss an aura of frantic impending catastrophe emanating from Quebecor 's headquarters.  This should be the best of times for them - instead they seem to be circling the drain.

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