Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Real Change

The Liberals and Conservatives have the same governing goal: managing and facilitating Corporate rule. The Liberals add a touch of noblesse oblige while the Conservatives pine for the days of the lash and prison time for not doing what you are damn well told.

For the first time we have a federal opposition that is actually operating from a different paradigm from that of the government.  Harper deliberately tried to engineer this believing that if the alternative was the Conservatives and the NDP the Canadian public would never choose the NDP.  The Liberals won many elections by convincing skittish progressives of the same thing.
A solid year of neck and neck polls and growing comfort with the NDP from the Canadian public suggests Harper's ideological blind spots have once again trumped his supposed Machiavellian brilliance.
A government that actually IS on the side of ordinary Canadians is within our reach

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