Friday, July 13, 2012

The Slaughter Continues

Three horses, three beautiful majestic animals killed in the Chuck Wagon races at Stampede.  We all knew it wasn't a matter of if, only when.

Can it still be called a tragedy if its as regular as clockwork?

Fuck your tradition.  It isn't worth a single horse's life, much less dozens.

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Gloria said...

This is beyond stupid. Race horses are not built sturdy enough, for pulling chuck wagons. How many more beautiful horses have to die, forced into an, extremely idiotic sport?

My dad used a brace of three huge horses to farm with. They were built very sturdy. Percheron and Clydes. Although old Jess , the horse in the middle, was smart enough to know...if she leaned back in her traces, the other two horses did the pulling. Never would my father have had, race horses pulling a plow. That's too stupid to even contemplate.

Race horses are very delicate. They still break and injure their legs, just running a race.

Stupid asinine fools, having race horses pulling chuck wagons. I too am sick to death of those beautiful horses, being abused and having to be put down, for the owner's own selfish glory.

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