Friday, December 07, 2007

Provocative proof

When protesters said that the Quebec police had gone undercover during the summit of North American leaders at Montebello as Agent Provocateurs trying to provoke violence, the Quebec provincial police denied the armed masked men in the video were police officers.

When that farcical claim crumbled under the overwhelming video evidence - video has not been the friend of Canadian police officers this year- the Police finally admitted that the men were in fact undercover officers, but claimed they were there to stop violence not to provoke it.

Masks, rocks and witnesses who said the men tried to provoke violence aside.

But now the high definition video replay reveals one of the undercover police officers struck a uniformed officer on his face plate.

For those who don't belive that the police will ever deliberately create violence or excuses for violence, will video satisfy you?

Spotted at Engaged Spectator

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