Friday, December 21, 2007

Teh Crazy, it goes away?

Back at the beginning of November I wrote about the Calgary Sun inviting Ezra Levant 'to seek other opportunities' and other startling displays of editorial rational thought like their critique of Harper's flip-flop on the death penalty.

In the comments of the post I reassured a fellow blogger concerned that The Calgary Sun's turn away from the entertainingly psychotic would mean a dearth of blogging material that 'while Ted Byfield and Paul Jackson still have columns - the crazy well will never completely run dry'.

I really need to watch what I say, Byfield hasn't had a column in the Sun since November - and fair enough, he's dealing with a family tragedy - and now it looks like Paul Jackson's reactionary run is over.

While I was off celebrating the season with family, PC apostate Craig Chandler decided to drag Jackson down with him. As Ken Chapman relates here, Jackson flip-flopped on his support for far right soul mate Chandler's run for the Calgary Egmont PC nomination. After Chandler called him on it, Jackson e-mailed him that he wrote the column opposing Chandler after 'a call from the Premiers office' asking him to support Chandler's opponent. Then he apparently realized that he hadn't recognized the callers voice, never got his name and hey, maybe it wasn't the Premier's Office who called after all.

Sun Editor Jose Rodriguez now says Jackson has some 'splaining to do before his column runs again, hitherto no such explanation seems to have been offered and Jackson is apparently hiding out in Mexico complaining that Chandler has ruined his credibility and his career.

Some weird stuff going on in the Sun's newsroom...

UPDATE: FFWD's rundown of the story.


Diane Demorney said...

Do you have a link to Rodriguez' ultimatium to Jackson... cause that would make my day!

Cliff said...

Not that I can find anywhere - I'm just going by the various reports - including FFWD's excellent piece that has this:
Jose Rodriguez, the Sun’s editor-in-chief, says the e-mail is a “cause of concern.” “I need some answers,” says Rodriguez. “There’s some serious questions that that story poses, which Paul hasn’t answered to me. So I have to speak with Paul and figure out where we’re at.” Until then, Rodriguez says, the Sun won’t publish Jackson’s column. “I haven’t met with him yet because he hasn’t shown up in my office,” Rodriguez says. “Hopefully he calls me or pops into my office, and we can sort this thing out once and for all.”

Cliff said...

Oh and Diane, Merle Terleskey sent me an email a few weeks ago - he really would like to talk to you about working at The Weekly Standard and has no way to contact you

Diane Demorney said...

Thanks for the FFWD link, Cliff.

As for Merle, well he can screw off. I'm obviously not posting under my real name, and I have no wish to ever have contact with Merle again. He's a homophobic, racist, sexist pig, as far as I'm concerned.

Hope that little rant doesn't cause you problems...

Cliff said...

Nope, I was just passing on the message.

Diane Demorney said...

And I appreciate it. Have a good holiday!

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