Saturday, June 07, 2008

Saturday Linkblast - June 7

  • David Frum gets bitchslapped
    Too often these right wing hacks get to spout their utter shite completely unchallenged. Unambiguous falsehoods confidently stated in a clear ringing voice and on to the next one. Having a class A bullshitter like Frum interviewed by someone who just repeatedly calls him on his crap is like a breath of fresh air.

  • I'm so bored of the Singularity
    Apocalyptic end time porn for nerds.

  • Pirate attacks up 75%
    A pirate raid per day somewhere on the seven seas.

  • The Brazilians take their cigarette pack warnings seriously
    Not for the squeamish, I'm not kidding here, these are hard core.

  • Canada's Vietnam
    Michael Byers on the Afghanistan mission.

  • Bubble universes
    Warren Ellis has braingasms over some of the latest theoretical breakthroughs into the origins of the universe.

  • The First Horror Movie
    Made in 1910 at the movie studio created by Thomas Edison this 15 minute silent movie adaptation of Frankenstein was believed lost for years. One stained, damaged copy remained. Imagine watching it in a darkened theater with spooky organ music playing as people are only starting to wrap their heads around the idea of moving pictures at all. It must have been apocalyptic.
Part One

And Part Two

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