Saturday, June 21, 2008

These are the people who helped write C-61

The Motion Picture Association of America said Friday intellectual-property holders should have the right to collect damages, perhaps as much as $150,000 per copyright violation, without having to prove infringement.

"Mandating such proof could thus have the pernicious effect of depriving copyright owners of a practical remedy against massive copyright infringement in many instances," MPAA attorney Marie L. van Uitert wrote Friday to the federal judge overseeing the Jammie Thomas trial
They also believe that transferring music or video you bought and paid for from DVDs or CDs to your computer or MP3 player is theft. The Conservative's new law means if they put even the most inept and easy to circumvent DRM on their products to stop you from doing so and you do anyway you can be fined thousands.

The organizations like the MPAA and RIAA that essentially wrote C-61 (Made in Canada my ass.) now indicate they believe they shouldn't have to prove infringement in order to seize your house. Innocence till proven guilty is now a 'quaint' idea like the Geneva Conventions or Habeas Corpus to a White House lawyer. Expecting these huge corporations to actually prove that you've infringed on their material is clearly unreasonable.

The government of Stephen Harper is collaborating with huge foreign conglomerates to turn Canadian citizens into digital serfs with no legal rights to the possessions we have paid for or by extension the presumption of innocence itself - isn't that sort of...treason?

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