Sunday, June 08, 2008

Skepticism for sale

In the marketplace of ideas, how come enviro-skepticism needs to be so heavily subsidized?
A new study by a team of political scientists and sociologists at the journal Environmental Politics concludes that 9 out of 10 books published since 1972 that have disputed the seriousness of environmental problems and mainstream science can be linked to a conservative think tank (CTT). Following on earlier work by co-author Riley Dunlap and colleagues, the study examines the ability of conservative think tanks to use the media and other communication strategies to successfully challenge mainstream expert agreement on environmental problems.
A made up movement using made up pseudo-science financed by big polluters just to give politicians the political cover to be able to say 'There is scientific disagreement about man made global warming.' and continue to do nothing.

Follow the money. Always follow the money.

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Mike said...

Conversely, the latest issue of Skeptic Magazine, of the Skeptic's Society, has published the science supporting climate change.

Real Skeptics know the science is solid.

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